Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge storage charges if I am a successful bidder and cannot collect immediately?

No, we understand if you cannot get to the sale then you probably cannot get to us to collect straight away, we will hold your lots for a reasonable amount of time for you to collect, or we will arrange delivery on your behalf.

Can I bid “live” at the auction?

Yes, we offer a live telephone bidding service where you can listen into the auction and bid just as if you are at the sale. One of our telephone clerks will call you before the lot you wish to bid on comes up for sale and will relay the bidding to you in real time, you can the choose to bid or not, just as if you are at the actual sale in person

Do you have on-line Live bidding?

Yes, please click on the live bidding link above to register to use this service.

Do you deliver if I am successful in buying something?

Yes, we send items fully insured anywhere in the world, we will only bill you for postage and packing once we know the exact cost, we do not “estimate” costs in our favour like some other auction houses.

Will the bidding start at my bid price?

No, we will buy for you as cheaply as any other bids or reserves allow, it is just as if you are in the saleroom bidding for yourself.

How much do I pay if I leave commission bids?

You pay nothing extra, this is a free service.